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We have the great pleasure of hosting Teams every year.  It’s a great experience, something many find opens their eyes, gives a new and broader perspective of the church and the Great Commission.  Team members often gain greater confidence and willingness in sharing their faith and a renewed sense of purpose. Team trips are a wonderful opportunity for discipleship and leadership development


We gain new friends and lasting relationships that transcend boarders. Teams encourage and inspire our local churches and expose fellow believers to the love and support of brothers and sisters in Christ.  And teams help us with real, hands-on, shoulder to shoulder support in our operations. 


What to Expect


We recommend trips of 6-7 days with arrivals and departures at Guatemala City on a Saturday or Sunday (to avoid traffic in the city which can be wild even by U.S. standards).  We also recommend arrivals and departure time be scheduled mid-morning to mid-afternoon to avoid traveling the winding mountain roads around Panajachel after dark.  One of our staff will meet your team and travel with you to and from the airport and Panajahcel.


A typical itinerary includes attending a local church service and walk around our base camp in the heart of Panajachel.  The Team Leader will have some flexibility in determining the activities of the team, but will usually include an outreach project for a local family (2 days - build a bed, home repair, etc.), and working in our nutritional, tutorial, and sports programs (2 days) in Panajachel or one of the villages in the surrounding area.  We also recommend the team schedule one day to enjoy the beautiful sites and activities around Panajachel such as kayaking or a cruise on Lake Atitlan.




Panajachel sits in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, on the north shore of Lake Atitlan, a beautiful mountain lake that is actually the filled-in crater of a massive ancient volcano. More than 10 miles across at its widest point, Lake Atitlán has a series of small villages and a few major towns lining its shores.  This is the very heart of Guatemala's rural Maya population and has been since many fled after the collapse of the Maya empires of the Petén and lowland coastal regions.  It is dotted with small, rural farming communities spread around the rough, steep, mountainous region.


Temperatures in this region of Guatemala are stable with only a couple of degrees difference between winter and summer months.  The rainy season, which locals refer to as “winter” runs from May – October.  Even then, the weather pattern is typically sunny mornings with some afternoon showers.  Because of the elevation, temperatures year round are spring like…cool in the evenings and very pleasant during the day. 




Teams stay at our base camp and local offices…The Frutal House, located in the heart of Panajachel.  The compound dormitory as four bedrooms, each with 2 bunk beds (4 beds per room) for a maximum capacity of 16.  There are two bathrooms.  Breakfast and dinner are provided for the team.  We also provide cold cuts, breads, condiments and some snacks for the team to prepare a lunch to take with them.  Filtered water is provided in the Frutal House and bottled water is available on-site when the team travels to other locations.  The team will be responsible for cleaning and putting away dishes after each meal as well as some other house keeping duties.


Available Dates


We can accept teams generally year-round, except during Christmas, Easter, and some local holidays. Generally we prefer a week between teams but can occasionally accommodate back-to-back teams.


Ages Limits


Age of participants is determined by policy of the team’s church.  We generally recommend participants be at least 10 years old. Consideration should be give to the child’s level of maturity as they will be exposed to extreme poverty and difficult living conditions.  Personal hygiene is a critical factor in remaining healthy during these trips, so parents should watch children closely so as to avoid drinking water directly from unfiltered sources and minimizing exposure potential exposure.  However, it is a wonderful experience for children who always seem to be able to transcend language barriers and make new friends quickly. It’s also a unique opportunity parents can use for training and teaching.


We’ve also had participants well into their 70’s join us.  Walking on unlevel ground and cobblestone streets should be considered in making your decision.




Trip costs are $95 per person per day.  This includes transportation, meals, and accommodations as well as the group’s choice of activity (kayaking and dinner or boat trip and lunch).


Rates for Partner churches are reduced.


Teams arriving to late in the day to reach Panajachel before nightfall, or departing too early to allow for daylight before leaving Panjachel will need to make reservations for an overnight stay in Guatemala City.  There are several U.S. brand hotels we can recommend in close proximity to the airport.  One of our staff will remain with the team until the team reaches the airport


Where Do I Sign Up


Contact with the dates you are requesting for your team trip.  We’ll respond with a confirmation or provide some alternative dates and answer any questions you have.


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