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An exciting update from Lee & Angel

Angel and I have some very big news to share with the team of ministry supporters who have walked with us for these past 8 years. A while back I updated you on our move back to the United States and the ongoing work of Orphan Prevention Community. I also shared a very personal story about my own emotional health and asked you to pray. As always, God has been faithful and so have His people. Your prayers and continued support of both OPC and our family have been overwhelming.

Angel & I recently moved Parker onto the campus of Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Do not let the smiles fool you. We cried the entire drive home.

A dream fulfilled, the next chapter has begun

I’ve been personally touched in recent weeks by the leadership, strength, and skills of our staff in Guatemala. Not only have they stepped up to lead the day-to-day operations, but the number of ministry locations and children impacted continues to expand. Angel and I started the ministry with the hope of one day seeing Guatemalan men and women who love God leading other people into relationship with Jesus Christ. This dream is fulfilled and makes so many new things possible.

What’s next for the ministry

A few months ago, in May Angel and I felt God leading us to step away from leading OPC. We could sense God was requiring us to take another big step of faith. He told us it was time, but he did not tell us what would be next. Our home church, North Metro, recommended they strengthen their existing partnership by providing leadership and additional financial support. North Metro has a 20-year history of helping people find and follow Jesus. The church has served in around the globe in order to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting. Under our partnership with North Metro, OPC will continue as an independent ministry with no change in programs, locations, or staffing. Long term, North Metro shares our hope to expand the outreach of OPC to new communities in Guatemala, working closely with local churches.

What’s next for Lee and Angel

God has already blessed Angel with a great job at MUST Ministries in Marietta, Georgia. She serves as a Senior Volunteer Coordinator and her role allows her to continue to serve people affected by poverty. While I will step down as Executive Director for OPC, I have the honor to continue serving on the Board of Directors. My commitment to OPC goes beyond vocation, it is a love and passion and I pray God allows me to serve OPC for many years to come. This week I start my own search for what God has next in my career. I feel led to continue to serve God in fulltime ministry. I hope God will use my skills and experiences at a local church or ministry. We plan to stay in the Marietta/Kennesaw area to be close to family and our roots.

What our beloved prayer and donor partners can expect

Rush Bailey has been named President of OPC. He will provide day-to-day leadership for OPC and lead growth initiatives. Rush is a retired business executive with Norfolk Southern Corporation and Elder at North Metro. He brings nearly 40 years of executive level management experience to OPC. Starting soon, Rush will begin to communicate directly with you. Sharing how your prayers and donations are making an impact for church planting and orphan prevention.

How you can be a part of the next chapter

The transition will probably appear to be seamless and virtually invisible to those we serve and those that support us. Your continued prayers and financial support of OPC are more critical than ever in continuing OPC’s outreach to the families of Guatemala who desperately need to know the Gospel of Jesus.

Every beginning requires some kind of ending

Angel and I want each of you to know that we are beyond excited for the ministry. We are also very encouraged by how we see God moving and shaping this next season of our life. Honestly, we don't have the words to try to even share how much impact you have had on our lives. We are not the same people we were 8 years ago and you played a direct role in that transformation. You have also impacted more than 1,000 children over these past 8 years. We pray that you will continue to give to and pray for the ministry. There is still much work to be in done in Guatemala and around the world. Faithfully, Lee, Angel, Parker, & Anna Kate

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