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OPC Win Stories


Learning to Read

by Lauren

My younger group, mostly 1st and 2nd graders, have really been blowing me away lately with their progress. In Spanish, once you know the basic syllables (such as ma, me, mi, mo, mu) it’s possible to start putting words together. As we have added the syllables of different letters over the past few months, many of them can now legitimately read!! One student in particular, Keyli, has always been one of the slower learners in our class. She attends every single week, but all year she has had a bit of trouble remembering and always seems to question herself. One day, something just clicked! It was such a lightbulb moment for her and there has been no slowing down since. She can spell words of 3 and 4 syllables like it’s a breeze. I am honored to be a part of this learning and the things that God is doing through each of these kids.

Loving to Read

by Sara

Mario comes to both our Nutritional Program and Reading Program in Patzutzun. He is one of the kids that absolutely loves to read, but one of the difficulties that he has faced is that in Patzutzun the schools don't have many resources to provide the students with books to read. OPC has brought hope to each of the kids by offering reading materials and the Reading Program that gives students individual attention to further their education and improve their reading skills. 

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